Improved Medicare for All

Congress Owned by Drug and Insurance Companies

Having worked on the front lines of health care for nearly 30 years, Dr. Gill has a far better understanding of health care than most politicians. As a longtime member of Physicians for a National Health Program, he has long argued against the dominance of insurance companies within our health care system. Allowing insurance companies to run roughshod over American citizens leaves us far less healthy and far less wealthy. Allowing insurance companies to draft the Affordable Care Act was yet another dereliction of duty by politicians who take the big contributions from such companies and then turn their backs on their constituents.


Climate Change is Real

No Issue More Important

In the battle to leave behind an Earth which might be habitable for our descendents, we are stymied by politicians who take large checks from Big Oil companies, and then profess to question the certain validity of climate change. Our children in 20-40 years will be demanding answers, wondering how we could possibly have cast votes for such deniers of clear-cut scientific fact.


"Free" Trade Crushes Most Americans

First NAFTA, now the TPP - politicians work for their corporate masters

After almost 25 years, there is no doubt that such trade agreements send our jobs overseas. And yet, here we go again with the Trans-Pacific Partnership-- this one stinks so bad that they've had to keep the details of the agreement a secret from us. And not only do such deals bring great economic harm-- they are written in a way that ultimately costs us our sovereignty as a nation. Our laws become meaningless when we allow trade agreements to circumvent and supercede our laws.

Keep the Government Out

As a physician, I've provided care to thousands of pregnant women. Politicians have no idea of the details and the complexity of the situations presented into the lives of these women. Accordingly, representatives in Congress should stay out of such business, and leave the decision-making to the pregnant women themselves.

Time for Term Limits

Career Politicians Want to Maintain Their Positions of Royalty

Dr. Gill has long argued for term limits on U.S. Representatives and Senators, as a means of working toward restoring our democracy. He has long questioned the leadership of both major political parties on this important issue.

It's About Time

Supreme Court Decision Long Overdue

As a longtime champion of marriage equality, Dr. Gill was very pleased with the recent Supreme Court decision which finally corrected the stubborn and unconstitutional position of politicians such as Rodney Davis.

Mission Impossible with Politicians Owned by Wall Street

As with all other issues, economic growth and job development have been destroyed by politicians who take big contributions from Corporate America and then do the bidding of their corporate masters. NAFTA did exactly as Ross Perot predicted back in 1992, sucking millions of good jobs out of America. Now the Trans-Pacific Partnership is poised to do worse.

 Politicians Use Veterans as Tools
 Make veterans a true priority rather than another talking point

Career politicians recognize that they can score points with voters by expressing support for vets. But this is just cynical maneuvering when those same politicians put the desires of Wall Street ahead of the needs of veterans. Wall Street and large corporations fund the pols, and the pols make them their top priority.

Race-related Matters
I am a doctor in emergency medicine. I went into medicine because I care deeply about my fellow man and woman. I care deeply about all men and women, regardless of the color of their skin. We need this same type of color-blindness, this compassion for all, in our leaders in Washington. When we finally have compassionate leaders, then we will finally stop tearing families apart. And at last we will see the comprehensive immigration reform we so desperately need; we will finally have an understandable and manageable pathway to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants.

Instead, today, we have politicians who prey upon peoples’ worst instincts. We have politicians who play games, who cynically use undocumented immigrants as a political tool, to drum up support for themselves by using peoples’ fear of individuals who look different from themselves. We have legislators who implement policies that result in the unjust mass incarceration of young African-Americans. Writing laws which provide penalties varying by a factor of 100 for the use of different forms of cocaine was a particularly overt form of racism which has served to devastate communities across the nation. 

As a doctor saving lives in the emergency room, I don’t have time to play games. I provide dedicated care to everybody in need, black or white, young or old, male or female; we need this same “dedication to all” type of spirit in Washington.

Career politicians are funded by Wall Street banks and big corporations, and they serve their corporate masters in many ways: by keeping us involved in endless war; by denying us single-payer healthcare and tuition-free access to public universities; and by forever keeping the minimum wage at or below poverty level. And to top it off, they pay back their banks and their corporate masters by sticking us with trade deals like NAFTA; the same NAFTA that played a huge role in bringing economic pain to so many families in Mexico, the NAFTA that ultimately left millions of Mexicans with little choice other than to emigrate to the United States.

Experts Bought and Sold

Irresponsible Foreign Policy Driven by Arms Manufacturers

As with all policy, our foreign policy has been driven by the corporate ownership of Congress. During his first campaign for Congress, Dr. Gill argued vociferously against the impending invasion of Iraq in 2003. Time has shown him to have been right, as that invasion made America and the world less safe; it did enrich the treasure of a small few, though.